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Who Wrote All This?




BILLIE COLOMBARO, Director and co-playwright of Choking Out The Kudzu currently lives in New York City.  She is a former Appellate Court Judge who found her passion in the theater.  Billie is an actor, producer, director, conference speaker, and a published author.   She created and hosted an NBC affiliate television segment for 15 years, was featured in Self Magazine, and has been an expert guest on several major TV networks, and recently appeared on ABC’s 20/20.   Billie has been visiting faculty at Harvard University’s School of Law since 1999.  She and Betty are currently writing a pilot for a new sitcom.


BETTY LADAS is the song writer, composer and co-playwright of Choking Out The Kudzu.  As a performing song writer, she has created songs for companies, such as Merrill Lynch, jingles in commercials, and written and performed songs for special events, special people and conventions.  She recently moved from Nashville to Old Greenbelt to be close to her new grandchildren, and is always looking for venues that play original music.  Betty loves to entertain people and their friends anywhere but, especially, in their homes, playing at House Concerts..

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